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Finding profitable real estate deals can be frustrating.

But savvy investors can outsmart competitors to uncover incredible deals.

  • Have previous real estate investments cost you time and money?
  • Do you need help finding deals in today’s market? 
  • Are you frustrated with traditional marketing methods?
  • Are you tired of endlessly searching the MLS?
  • Do you feel worn out by competition and risky bidding wars? 
  • Do prices feel like they’re skyrocketing?
  • Are you looking for strategies that work with limited time and money?
  • Do you want to build wealth but don’t know how?

We understand the soul-crushing feeling of working hard and not seeing results.

But we also know there’s a better way.


You know profitable deals are hard to find. 

See how you can uncover hidden real estate deals from highly-motivated sellers.  

Close more deals as a savvy real estate investor.  

Bypass your competition

You know real estate is highly competitive. But you can learn strategies that will uncover hidden deals that your competition won’t even know about. Learn a whole new way to invest in real estate.  

Master investing strategies

You'll get a detailed overview of all the most well-known (and lesser-known) ways that successful real estate investors find their deals. When you master the strategies that fit you, it will open up a new world of opportunity.  

Communicate with motivated sellers

When you know where to find highly motivated sellers and learn how to communicate with them, you'll gain access to more money-making opportunities than you ever thought possible.  

Build freedom and wealth 

The information in this course has the power to unlock an ocean of wealth-building potential. With an endless supply of insanely profitable real estate deals, you can enjoy financial freedom.  


Three simple steps to unlocking your real investing potential.


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You can learn strategies that work with the time and resources you have right now.


Take action.

The difference between wannabe's and successful investors is action. You’ll have the tools to make success happen.  


Close more deals.  

With motivated sellers, you’ll have access to an ocean of wealth-building potential to change your financial future.  


These strategies changed my life, and they can change yours too.

A decade ago, I wanted to invest in real estate and leave my 9-to-5 job, but I was at a crossroads. I knew if I couldn’t find the right deals, it would never happen. I’d stay stuck.  

If you’re like me, you know the stress is real. Maybe you want to quit a soul-crushing job. Or take a family vacation. Or save for retirement.  

My biggest problem was finding profitable deals from motivated sellers.

After I discovered the strategies that were sustainable and would work with my skill set, it unlocked a whole new world of opportunity I didn’t even know existed. Today it’s given me freedom over my finances and my time.  

These are the same strategies I want you to learn in The Beginner's Deal Finding Guide. Once you find out where and how to find motivated sellers, everything about the real estate business will get easier.

-Seth Williams

Hear from investors just like you

“Seth, I would still be sitting in a cubicle working for someone else if it hadn't been for you, so thanks man.”

Billy Rogers

Real Estate Investor  

"Thank you Seth for this great community and your strong tutelage. You have been instrumental in my success."  

Jay Thomason

Real Estate Investor  

"Seth has unquestionably been the biggest and best source of information and leadership in building a part-time business that has yielded fantastic financial returns." 

Dave Fritch

Real Estate Investor  

Meet Your Instructors  

Seth Williams

Founder, REtipster.com

Seth is a seasoned real estate professional with many years of experience as a land investor, rental property owner, and commercial banker. He is the founder of REtipster.com and has helped thousands of other investors find their way to financial freedom.

Jaren Barnes

Senior Creative Director, REtipster.com  

Jaren is a real estate investor and licensed agent. In his career with one of the nation's largest house wholesalers, he sold 300+ properties per year and dealt with every challenge imaginable. He also runs a profitable land flipping business and has interviewed many of the greatest minds in real estate.

What you’ll learn in The Ultimate Deal Finding Guide  

Motivated Seller Psychology

It’s critical to understand what’s going on in the mind of a motivated seller. You’ll learn how to communicate with confidence and close win-win deals.  

Why Do Motivated Sellers Exist?

When you learn the common reasons why people are willing to sell for pennies on the dollar, you’ll be a much stronger communicator and negotiator with each deal you pursue.  

Time Oriented Strategies

If you have time, but limited money, you’ll discover low-cost strategies to find motivated sellers. It takes time and effort, but the payouts are worth the investment.  

Money Oriented Strategies

If you have money, but limited time, we’ll explore scalable strategies to grow your real estate business with less time.  

Tools & Resources 

You need the right resources to succeed. You’ll learn the best tools to use for each marketing strategy, backed by our real-world experience.  

A Community of Support

You’re not alone. One of the best parts of the course is the community of investors that comes with it. You’ll learn a lot more (AND have more fun) when you engage with your peers.  

Find limitless opportunities in any market.

Only $297 for lifetime access.

  •  Over a dozen strategies 
  •  Exclusive Tools & Resources 
  •  Members-only community

You have three options to approach your investing future.  

1. You can do nothing.

If you’re already making millions with a deal-finding strategy, you don’t need this course. But if you want to change your life, doing nothing won’t get you there.  

2. You can try to figure it out on your own. 

Chances are, you’ve spent time and money trying to find deals. We’ve been there. We know the soul-crushing feeling of working hard without results. But we also know there’s a better way, one you don’t have to do on your own.  

3. You can learn from us and join our growing community.

We’ve tested MANY different strategies. We’ve learned which ones are most effective. (Hint: There’s a ton of variables that can sabotage a great marketing effort). We’ll show you over a dozen proven strategies to find deals in 10 days or less, and explain the hidden pitfalls of each one.

It’s all about finding what works for you.  

If you’re looking to AVOID fighting competition and find the best deals before anyone else does, this course was made for you.